See Quicker Results with Spireon's LoanPlus CMS Express Installation Service – Part One

Loan Plus CMS

With subprime auto loans on the rise, credit unions are turning to full turnkey collateral management systems (CMS) to help get more members behind the wheel without compromising their core business objectives or bottom line. Keeping this in mind, Spireon offers its collateral management system, LoanPlus CMS, with Express Installation Service.

The solution helps credit unions grow and retain members, improve auto loan payment behavior, expand their loan portfolios and secure assets, through the latest in GPS tracking and cellular technology. Helpful payment reminders keep members on track and reduce loan defaults, while on demand location-based vehicle intelligence provides collateral security. Spireon’s Express Installation Service combined with its LoanPlus CMS system offers a complete turnkey solution for credit unions to help them get started fast. In this multi-part series, we will discuss the installation features.

Streamline Operations

It’s often said that the more moving parts, the greater the chance of something going wrong. With Express Installation Service, credit unions don’t have to worry about too many moving parts because there is no inventory to manage. You call and Spireon delivers. Credit unions never have to touch the inventory and they can trust that the installation is done right since certified gps installation professionals service and verify it.

Order Online, by Email or by Phone

Nothing is more convenient then ordering online, by email or by a quick phone call. Credit unions can place their order directly through their LoanPlus CMS user-interface, email or call Spireon’s order desk at 1-866-496-6160 and dispatchers handle the rest. Even more, after the job is complete, customers are immediately notified. It doesn’t get more seamless than that.

Professional Install

Credit Unions want to be confident that their system is ready to go the second it’s installed which is why Spireon only employs the best technicians on the market. Each technician is trained, certified, bonded and insured. Spireon also has a national network of installation professionals so you can be assured you will be serviced without any major delays.

Technical Support

In addition to being trained, certified, bonded and insured, Spireon’s technicians have access to the latest vehicle wiring information and installation methods for new vehicles. They can even provide a quick check of the vehicle prior to installation and provide you with a report per you request.

For more on Spireon’s LoanPlus CMS Express Installation Service check out part two of this series. And don’t forget to click here for access to the “LoanPlus CMS for Credit Unions: Help Your Members Reach Their Goals. And Build Their Credit.” brochure.

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