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GPS technology

The LoanPlus Collateral Management System (CMS) consists of 7 primary elements:
  1. RCMU: The Remote Collateral Management Unit is a small electronic device placed in the each vehicle. It determines vehicle location via the United States Global Positioning System. The RCMU transmits position information back to the LoanPlus.
  2. Monitoring & Control Server Array: Our servers.
  3. Portfolio Management System Integration Module: Provides seamless integration between LoanPlus and your custom portfolio management system.
  4. Lender Control Center: Secured, encrypted website that each lender to monitor and control their collateral, and network of dealers.
  5. Dealer Control Center: Secure website that each dealer uses to install/provision RCMUs in new vehicles.
  6. GPS Network: Each of our RCMUs determine their exact location via the GPS satellite network.
  7. T-Mobile Cellular Network: Used to transmit telemetry back to our central server array. We are T-Mobile's largest data customer in the world.

We customize the LoanPlus CMS to meet your needs. Each lender receives their own communication link to their LoanPlus™ Lender Services account management team via a dedicated phone line, fax line, and email account to create familiarity and knowledgeable responses. Because of our expertise in GPS mobile resource applications, the best hardware selection can be made to suit the lender’s needs, including many unique designs.

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